Thursday, January 5, 2012

Whole 30 challenge

Starting Monday I am participating in a 30 day challenge for Paleo eating. It is going to be tough. I have to do the following.

1. No sugar.  Not too bad except no diet soda. Which for me means water and possibly V8 only.
2. No grains. Not too bad except I immediately started craving chocolate cake when I tried this a few weeks ago.
3. No dairy. No big deal as I hardly have this at all.
4. No legumes. No problem.
5. No alcohol. Hmmm. Not sure about that. I mean I really don't need alcohol...but.

My biggest challenge will be getting 2 serving of carbs at every meal. I tried this a few weeks ago and had stomach cramps every day. I am going to take beano daily and get some gasx. I am hoping that these pains go away soon. I even threw up after one rather bad meal. I definitely do not want to live on beano for an extended period. Wish me luck.

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