Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more changes

We had some discussion as to which half to do. Haven't decided which one yet. I am joining weight watchers on Saturday. I am starting Insanity om Monday....and still doing the half. I know I am crazy. But I am so determined that this will be my last year as an obese person. I am very excited and committed to change. In a couple months I will be as debt free as I could ever be. I am looking to buy a house. I want the house the boyfriend the job and the active lifestyle.

I am inviting someone else to read and author this blog. She is doing a couch to 10 K and she is doing insanity with me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The work week from hell is over! So back to training. 11 weeks out. BUT that is the countdown to a non existent half marathon. Apparently the Run Austin Run marathon was in 2009. So tonight I will find a new one in dallas or austin. There is one that weekend inAustin but it is for women. I think that speed and endurance are important. The 8 minute mile is for the turkey trot not for the half.

Friday, July 15, 2011


8 minute miles? I guess I'm working backwards, I'm determined to build up some stamina before I worry about speed.

This week has been... rough. Only been every other day and a collective 8 miles. We're up to regular 2.5 miles - 3.0 is the goal for next week. You think you're slow? We're holding 15 minute pace; which I was actually very impressed with considering the horrid shape I'm in and considering we started at 19 minute pace. I CAN step out, but um... I can run so much longer if I step shorter. I actually think if I WALKED I could go faster right now!