Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stupid Phone

Have I mentioned that I suck at anything technology related? So I downloaded what looks like a friendly app, found a 5k program I think we can work with for starters, then move to the 10k, then to the half - starting with the half looked like something we couldn't do. There're a ton of programs on there and you can track your mileage/pace, even if your GPS is not working - that's going to happen to us when we get over 3 miles and have to run the park. It has a built in pedometer.

Lesson learned: make sure you select the program you want because until you finish it, you can't look at any others! I selected a couch potato program that started with running one minute then walking 2 and progressed over 6 weeks.

AND... we're already way past what we should be doing. We're taking their scheduled workout as a 'suggestion' and loading the rest of our stuff in on the computer. The week starts on Sunday whether I like it or not, I didn't like that part - so our first 1.5 miles aren't on this week's tally. And you can't alter the program once you've selected that, I don't like that either.

But, if you're playing music, it can run simultaneously in the background. That part was pretty easy anyway. Maybe I'm asinine, but I made myself a playlist and have been adding to it - this way I don't have to time my running, when the music is over, I'm done.

So... we'll try it out for logging distance and music and not so much its training program and I suppose if I don't really like it, I'll get another. I think I was better with my iPod and driving myself out a route anyway. I won't be able to do that once we start trail running though.

This week - 6 miles down (for me and the Beast, he made up for his missed morning last night - I don't think C2 is going to hang) but we didn't go out this morning since it was pouring rain! I don't keep up with these things very well. I mean the logging stuff part.

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  1. Some other cool things about the app before I completely trash it:

    You can enter your own work out, forgot to wear your iPhone, didn't 'start' the run, etc. Especially good for cross training.

    It will time the life of your shoes. Seriously, it will tell you when your shoes are 'worn out'.

    There's a blog capability; I don't plan to use that, I have enough others to track.

    It will graph your progress for you in distance in speed if you go to the website.

    There's a 'help' forum.

    There are a lot of running articles.

    It will interact with FB/Twitter if you want it to and post your progress (I don't want it to).

    There are a lot of free workouts and tips.